What is quantum medicine

Quantum medicine refers to the modern medicine category based on quantum mechanics, quantum biophysics and life science. The American "Science" magazine reported: Quantum medicine is a kind of biological information that does not rely on any drugs and nutrients, but uses the biological information transformed by the imprint frequency produced by the substances to stimulate the human body's self-healing system and the body's self-repairing power, and achieve safe and rapid progress. , Natural and gentle cure diseases, reverse aging, achieve the effect of cure without treatment, and can improve diseases that cannot be cured by traditional medicine.

Quantum medicine induces the movement of electrons in the nucleus of human cells by means of natural therapy and homeopathy, and generates a weak magnetic field to maintain a kind of dynamic balance in the body's own cells.

Dr. Planck's quantum theory

Einstein's teacher, the father of quantum theory, Dr. Planck, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. He exclaimed: The final conclusion of my research on atoms is that there is no such thing as matter in the world, and matter is composed of rapidly vibrating quanta.

Planck proposed: Like atoms as the constituent unit of all matter, "energy quantum" (quantum) is the smallest unit of energy. Objects absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation, only in the form of energy quanta. Albert Einstein, March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955

What is quantum?

Quantum is the two major properties of quantum quantum that is small and indivisible in nature today: the properties of microparticles and high-frequency resonance

Fine particle characteristics

Unit terkecil dari dunia material

High frequency resonance energy wave characteristics

Generates hundreds of millions of vibrations per second

The difference between traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and quantum energy medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to treatment before illness, while Western medicine pays attention to treatment after illness

Quantum medicine emphasizes "knowing" before disease

Quantum Medicine - Physical Improvement

Quantum energy for brain improvement

Insufficient cerebral functional blood will lead to the probability of brain diseases. Quantum energy can increase the blood flow rate, relieve symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and brain hypoxia, thereby reducing the probability of cerebral blood diseases.

Quantum energy improves the immune system

The fight against cancer cells relies on immune cells, and the immune system is mainly composed of macrophages and T cells. Quantum energy can promote the secretion of macrophages and T cells in the thymus, increase the activity of macrophages and T cells, and inhibit the production of cancer cells. , reduce the incidence of cancer.

Quantum energy resonance improves cardiac pumping

Increase the blood pumping volume of the heart, restore the blood pumping frequency of the heart to the normal value of the human body, improve the body parts with insufficient blood supply, avoid the symptoms of myocardial ischemia and insufficient myocardial blood supply, and successfully transport the blood to the corresponding parts of the body. Good improvement was seen in patients with cardiac defects.

Quantum energy resonance improves pain

Pain is caused by the obstruction of local meridians and qi and blood. Quantum energy can generate high-frequency physical resonance between cells, enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells in the blood, speed up blood flow, and eliminate vascular toxins. Soften blood vessels and achieve the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Pain is blocked, and general is painless.

Quantum technology shows health

Energy products open up microcirculation

Energy allows cells to achieve self-repairing organ repair system repair and restore healthy physique, delay aging, enhance lifespan, and improve life quality!

Bio-energy waves can drive human cells to vibrate hundreds of millions of times per second, peel off the poisonous dirt in blood vessels, and restore the normal state of microcirculation

The principle of the new generation of photon quantum enabling technology

A quantum is just a unit of physical quantity. Simply put, it can be said to be a unit of length, a unit of weight, a unit of mass, etc., just because it is small enough.

Planck's new generation of photon quantum empowerment technology is to excite the resonance of molecules or atoms in the form of light waves through the principle of ultra-fast radiation resonance of light waves. The latest technology at the quantum level! Molecules or atoms that act on a specific energy unit, when he moves to its lower energy, the energy difference caused in the process will be radiated by photons of a certain wavelength, and the energy of high energy level will be radiated by the radiation. Transferred to the object, so that the product has a certain health care function, so as to improve the cost performance of the product.

Light Quantum Action and Efficacy

Light quantum is the smallest molecular unit in nature, which can continuously emit hundreds of millions of high-frequency vibrations per second, which is beneficial to human health. It can help the human body purify blood, help the human body decompose and detoxify, improve metabolism, improve physical skills, etc. Understand the role and efficacy of photons

  1. Blood purification effect: Light quantum can decompose and discharge toxins, blood clots, blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood, etc., to avoid poor blood circulation, causing numbness of hands and feet, weakness of hands and feet, back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. Symptoms; then to achieve pain, it is impossible, and the general rules are different. At the same time, it can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, fundamentally improve the physiological function of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and effectively prevent and improve the "three highs".
  2. Activating cells: The existence of light quantum makes human cells become more active, the metabolism is obviously accelerated, and the cells are repaired. blood vessel wall elasticity. This maintains youthfulness and achieves antioxidant effects. The human body can also cure diseases through its own cell activation, which is completely different from the way drugs suppress pain (symptoms) to treat diseases.
  3. Improve immunity: It can also help tissue cells to decompose, metabolize (exclude) residual carbon dioxide, waste, bacterial toxins and other metabolic wastes in the body, keep the body in a normal state, improve the immune system's memory of resistance to germs and resist the invasion of germs.
  4. Enhance blood circulation/increase systemic oxygenation rate:Photons are essential in the process of helping the human body digest and absorb nutrients. They can accelerate the absorption of nutrients, and reach more than 80% of the intake, so it is not easy to lose nutrients.
  5. Repair cell function : When the tissue cells are locally damaged, the photons give the tissue cells the power to heal the wound. It can also stimulate the division and proliferation of anti-immune cells, produce more antibodies, and gradually restore the immune function to a dynamic balance, thereby improving human immunity, achieving the purpose of entering and leaving the disease and maintaining health.